Growing up with a mum who had a closet full of African textiles, I thought it was about time I explored them (and others). I often look through the lens of a colour enthusiast and intrigued scientist as I journey along this exploration.



7 thoughts on “About

  1. So pleased I stumbled across your wonderful blog. I have been researching Adire textiles for a while now as a personal journey. It would be so lovely to meet you and to interview your mother.


    1. Thanks, glad you like it! I will get back to writing more posts now the summer is over. I saw your blog and see you’re an indigo dyer, hence your interest in Adire. Do you have an email address or a way I can privately message you?


  2. This is really beautiful. I’m writing something for a friend about the process of getting your clothes made in Nigeria and found your blog as I was looking for links. Would you have any objection to being linked to? I’m also on wordpress though I haven’t updated in a while, if you’re interested I’ll look up my details (!) so as to send you a link, I can never remember them off hand. Sorry to be scatty. Also bi-racial, thinking between two cultures here.
    All the best


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